The top ten out of nearly 100 participants in FameLab USA: Exploring Earth and Beyond met in Washington, DC on May 13, 2016 for the Final competition. It was a tough decision by the judges, but climate scientist Ilissa Ocko of the Environmental Defense Fund was selected as the winner (and was the audience choice as well)! Ed Roberts, an immunologist at UCSF, was chosen as the runner-up.

Ilissa joins the winners of FameLab competitions from nearly 30 other countries all over the world. She will represent the United States in the FameLab International Final on June 9th at the Cheltenham Science Festival in the UK!

Ilissa Ocko
Environmental Defense Fund

Steven Jaret
Stony Brook University

Haley Sapers
University of Western Ontario

Ed Roberts
UC San Francisco

Breana Hashman
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Danilo Pérez Rivera
University of Puerto Rico

Jim Crowell
Arizona State University

Graham Lau
University of Colorado, Boulder

Dan Scolnic
University of Chicago

Colin West
Stony Brook University